Friday, February 10, 2012

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Since the beginning of time, man has tried to justify the unexplained with the supernatural, with a deity. These justifications have changed as mankind learns the causes of what up to that moment was a mystery for him. I am sure that the Homo Erectus thought of thunder as something provoked by gods or demons, in their ignorance on how lightning and thunder scientifically occurred. The belief that there was a god of Thunder – as laughable as it may seem today – persisted until only a few centuries ago. Once human beings learned that these phenomena were of no ‘divine’ nature, the Thunder god sadly died without much fanfare. The same can be said about almost everything, from the god of fire to the gods of the oceans… everything and anything for which man did not have an answer was either a god, a punishment from those gods or a creation of the gods, and of course, hierarchy existed even in the godly kingdom, so we had to have demigods, sort of angels by today’s definitions or demons, depending if these deities were good or bad to us…

The need of having an expiatory divine being to blame for everything that happens for which we have no control over or logical explanation, persists to this day. The nature of god has changed throughout history from an angry god to a loving god, to a vengeful god to all of the above, depending of whom is that god directly “communicating” with… In the age of technology it seems that the leaders of various religious affiliations have a special line that connects them to heaven and their own gods, and their god tells them, and no one else, why a disaster happened, why a political party is better than the other ones or simply to tell the people to follow them as they are the one and only that have the ability to speak to god. Yesterday, man was afraid of god and didn’t dare to claim any communication with the deity… today god must have a contract with a mobile company to keep in constant touch with his friends on this earthly dimension.

And of course, having a god for a buddy helps, and in more ways than one, as these leaders – no matter which religion they profess – all ask for donations from their followers in the form of money (no food, no clothing, no shelter… they want MONEY) and most live in the lap of luxury, squeezing as much as they can from their followers who, in contrast, live a humble life. These leaders all demand that their followers be unpretentious, benefactors of their church, and above all they should not question the designs of their god … or god will be very upset at them and severely punish them.

For centuries wars have been fought under the name of god. Men can’t seem to agree that there is one god, regardless of the name given to him, so if one group believes in God and the other in Allah, they’re willing to tear each other to pieces to prove that their god is the one and only god, the 'right' god. This absurd behavior persists up to this day.

This blog has the intention to scrutinize the evolution of god(s), since its inception and throughout history. To show the reader that the concept of god has evolved but that still remains the same – a justification for that we don’t comprehend.

Feel free to make comments and ask questions; I will try to answer them all.

-The inquisitive ape.

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