Friday, February 10, 2012

The Gods of the Cavemen

Even though there is no way to confirm that the cave art found from the “cavemen” that lived through the Ice Age over 35,000 years ago, were meant to be a religious representation, we can safely assume that it was the birth of some sort of religion.

Ancient men depended on hunting, they would feed their tribe with the meat of the animals they hunted and from the skin they would clothed themselves to get protection from the harsh environment they were living in, their mere survival depended on hunting; it is only logical to think that they drew on the walls of caves such as the caves in Lascaux, France and in Altamira, Spain in an effort to call on some sort of deity that will help them get the animals they were adorning the walls of the caves with and that were so important if they were to survive. I can imagine that if by chance they had a good hunting after making those drawing and perhaps chanting some sort of prayer, a ‘god’ was then born and, as animals often do, they passed that knowledge to their offspring perpetuating that god for generations to come, with the passage of time it acquired new and better powers until it evolved to the gods we know today. Those rustic drawings were the dawn of religion when cavemen gave birth to god into an inhospitable world and just as life evolved on the planet, so did god in all its manifestations.

We can say that god came to life around 35,000 years ago, perhaps even earlier!


  1. I love your posts but you overlook one thing: regardless if you call it/Him "God" or whatever, it's still an essential part of being human. We keep trying to create God in our own image. We were made in His image and LIKENESS, meaning, we are LIKE God. All cultures have their own way of expressing this. It's when we are not godlike that we screw ourselves, everytime.

  2. also, you make the same mistake most people do: trying to use science to explain what is OUTSIDE the realm of science. Science applies to the physical world, and although I personally have found connections to the spiritual aspects of the universe with science, most people aren't ready to discover that it seems. Mark my words: the study of quantum physics will eventually prove what so many ask for. they want PROOF in a lab setting for something that doesn't REQUIRE scientific proof, because science is in its infancy and changes regularly, while FAITH is the antithesis of PROOF. Even so, the proof is ALL AROUND US ALL THE TIME. If we aren't noticing miracles every single day, it's because we choose not to, because the miracles are there if we bother to acknowledge them. Faith = scissors, Science = paper.

    You can't compare apples to oranges, nor can you gives somebody a description of what faith is from a testtube. In that same logic, PUT LOVE IN A TEST TUBE AND THEN PROVE TO ME IT DOESN'T EXIST, OR DOES EXIST. IT'S THE SAME THING.