Thursday, February 16, 2012

4000 – 1000 BC – The Sumerians: The gods that created us.

The Sumerian people arrived in the Mesopotamian region called Sumer around 4000 BC, they had a very complex society and carefully recorded the history of their gods, which as absurd as it may be, it is not as absurd as the religions professed today.

Their concept of god was simple: aliens, yes you read correctly, aliens. They believed that aliens from the planet Nibiru came to earth and planted the seeds of humanity, we can interpret that as an alteration of the humanoids' DNA from planet Earth. Their gods were both male and female and their main god was Anu the sky-god, and lord of all spirits and demons. The Sumerians believed in a heaven and in a hell or underworld.

They believed that these aliens gave mankind the power of communicating, writing, and basically thinking. The first writings found were from the Sumerians and we can say that their culture created an official and organized way of worship and religion. They needed a justification for humans to be the only animals on the face of the planet capable of communicating and creating. In the absence of an explanation for that which had no answer they created gods, but at least for them these gods were not omnipresent or omnipotent… they were bigger, stronger and more intelligent beings from a far away planet, who the Sumerians adored, but were beings that lived longer than humans but who were not immortal.

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